Monday, May 20, 2013

A Good Life Snapshot: This Heart of Mine

One of the first people I met in person at Alt Summit SLC was Amy Christie of This Heart of Mine. We first chatted at the Hello Social and then I saw her everywhere throughout the conference. I'm a big believer in coincidences not just randomly happening. And when she started #NowHereThis I knew you would want to meet her too.

Amy's personality fills any room she's in. Her blog, "the place where all the things [she] love[s] come together," captures this and often brightens my day. If you haven't met her yet, after reading her interview, head over to her welcome page and settle in for awhile. Be cautioned that your face might hurt a little from smiling so much. -Eden!

1. How do you define The Good Life?

The Good Life is a mix of it all - the good, the bad, work, play, joy, pain, learning, teaching, crying, laughing. The Good Life is being fulfilled by who and what you fill your life with. The Good Life is figuring out what makes you happy and making it happen. The Good Life is loving it all.


2. Do you think it's possible to pursue The Good Life? Why or why not?

Definitely. We can all pursue what makes us happy, what brings us joy. I not only think it's possible but I think it's our responsibility. I believe that life is a gift and we must do our best with that life. But pursuing does not mean that everything is going to be perfect or work out the way we think it will. Pursing is a battle. It's working for it every day. Some days are sunshine and rainbows, others are a face plant in the dirt. For me, knowing anything is possible keeps me fighting.


3. Do you think you have The Good Life? If yes, when did you learn this?

Yes, I do have The Good Life. Of course. I am inordinately blessed. Even if creative pursuits weren't possible, I know my circumstances afford me a comfortable existence and for that I am always grateful. But I do. It's not always pretty or fun but it is Good.


4. How has blogging helped you recognize The Good Life?

I am a creative person through and through and blogging has helped give place to my creative pursuits. After my daughter was born, I felt myself kind of slipping away into the responsibilities of motherhood. With the blog, I had a little structure, aspirations and goals, more encouragement to let my creativity out. I feel more complete being creative. Plus, there is a lot of learning that goes into the whole process. I love learning new things, stretching my brain so that part brings me joy as well.


5. Do you have any tips you'd like to share with others?

Figure out what you want, what is really important, and move towards that. Focus on the small steps so the big ones aren't so daunting. Be patient with yourself and others. And try to love it all.
Ciao Bella!
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Credits: All layouts designed by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. All images taken by Amy Christie of This Heart of Mine and used with permission.
A Good Life Snapshot is a monthly series featuring a DIY or lifestyle blogger I follow and who I admire.