Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Perfect Wine for an Afternoon at the Park

On a warm spring afternoon, I love a slightly chilled glass of wine. Until last night I didn't have a goto Pinot Grigio (Italian) or Pinot Gris (French, New Zealand, and Pacific coast). Last night I met La Crema Wines Pinot Gris at its launch party and that changed.
Play Hooky in the Park
From my first sip, all I could imagine was grabbing a chilled bottle, snagging my picnic basket, grabbing cubes and heading to Mission Dolores Park by way of Bi-Rite Market. When I later saw the hang tag for the Pinot Gris I knew this was my match. Great minds think alike.
I first heard about La Crema Wine's expansion into Pinot Gris at Alt Summit SLC in January, and have been waiting patiently for my first sip. I was ecstatic when I got the invitation to attend the launch party for La Crema's new-to-them varietal Pinot Gris. The wine did not disappoint. It exceeded my high expectations.
The La Crema Wines Launch Party for Their Pinot Gris
If you've read the blog for awhile you'll know that I love La Crema Wines, we served their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at our wedding and for New Year's this year.
La Crema Wines have always reminded me of the handcrafted wines produced by vintners in the Texas Hill Country. Vines carefully tended; wine made one barrel at a time. (I'll be showcasing La Crema Wines in a future People Behind the Food feature (Achadinha Cheese Company kicked off the series in April) so you'll see their artistry first hand.) Back in the early 2000s you'd frequently find me in a friend's vineyard, planting roots, helping stake and tie vines, harvesting grapes, and bottling. Not all vintners do things by hand. Some use machinery for harvesting which bruises the grapes and affects the flavor. (If you're not careful machine harvesting can damage your vines). La Crema Wines take me back to those times where a day in the vineyard was followed by a glass of wine, hearty BBQ, and live music under the stars.
Find a Porch with a View
Today marks the first day of May and a new month. We'll be leaving April's theme of Local Eating behind for this new theme:
Playing Tourist in Your Hometown.
The best thing about being a tourist in your hometown? You don't have to travel!
Take advantage of this great weather we're having and play hooky. If you're in San Francisco, head out to Mission Dolores Park for a picnic. Or, end your day early pulling up a chair on a porch with a view. Be sure to have some La Crema nearby and turn the everyday into the extraordinary.
Bon Appetit!
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