Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Around Our Home: Our First Dining Table

A funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago. I went out to buy ingredients for a Thai dinner, got sidetracked by a stoneware bowl in a store front, and came home with a Danish Modern dining room table.
A Danish Modern DiningTable
Until we moved to The Station, none of our San Francisco apartments or flats had room for a dining room table. I'd had two when I lived in Austin. One, a cozy round, Italian pine, pedestal table that sat four and expanded into an oval to comfortably fit eight even made the trip with me back to California. It didn't make the trip from the South Bay to San Francisco when in 2009 I finally abandoned the suburbs for a studio in the city.
Our New to Us Danish Modern Dining Table Waits for Assembly
Our new dining room table is Danish Modern. I love that style of furniture because it's practical yet pleasing to the eye. We live on the second floor; all furniture has to be carried up a flight of stairs. We're currently renting, which means at some point we're going to be moving. Yes, you can hire movers to transport your stuff, we do. Having furniture that's easy to disassemble and is lightweight usually means less dings.
Almost Ready for Entertaining
How do you buy furniture?
At the moment our table stands alone in the dining room. (Well not really alone, the other half of the room is still filled with moving boxes and our camping gear.) I didn't like the upholstery on the chairs that matched the table and couldn't get the shop owner who had just had them reupholstered to budge on the price so I left the chairs.
Until the right chairs cross our path, we'll be using chairs we have, two wicker dining chairs, two straight back wooden chairs that I got for $10 at a moving sale, and our three breakfast table chairs. I can't wait to start having family-style dinners at a dining room table.
Ciao Bella!
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