Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Date Night: Being Inspired by the Movies for a Budget-Friendly Romantic Date Night

When you have a baby everything changes; there's less ability to be spontaneous. There's Your Life BB and Your Life AB -- before baby and after baby. Tugging at your spouse's heart strings, especially on a budget can be a little tougher. You can't just hop in the car, dash out to the coast, and watch a sunset while bundled up in a blanket sitting on driftwood.
Prom: Then and Now
So, how do you come up with creative dates when you've got a baby sleeping in another room and you're exhausted? Easy. Go to the movies for inspiration.

You probably think I'm talking about romantic comedies. My latest inspiration came from a drama about an epidemic: Contagion (*affiliate link). The scene I'm thinking of, happens near the end of the movie. A vaccination has been found and the populous is being immunized. Because of the epidemic, a high school girl missed her prom. Her dad transforms their living room into a prom for her and her boyfriend.
Date Night Idea: Go to Prom
You don't need to go all out with the decor, some mood lighting, the right clothes (I wore my dress from my Junior Prom), and voila! Cue cheesy 1980s music and you have a moment you'll remember forever. Don't have time to create a playlist? Here's a mix of tunes (Spotify playlist) that I created for our date.
What's the craziest thing you've done for a date?
Ciao Bella!
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