Monday, June 03, 2013

Embracing Change

June is going to be a pretty exciting month here at The Station. A few projects that I've been working on behind the scenes are all happening: career moves; offline events; branding tweaks.
Anything is Possible in the Morning
After making the decision to go to Alt Summit SLC last August, I've done a lot of work defining my goals and polishing this blog to reflect and support those goals. You may have been wondering what progress I've been making towards my goals.
A New 9-to5
You might remember that in December, I left a company I'd worked at for over four and a half years to go out on my own. Here's my career update: today I'm going to be joining a Montreal-based technology company.

Hosting and Teaching a Thai Cooking Class

The second update/announcement is that I'm finally going to be teaching Thai cooking in California. (For those who don't know, when I lived in Austin I helped a chef open a Thai restaurant and as part of his branding, ghost wrote a Thai cookbook and developed and co-taught a series of Thai cooking classes.) I've talked about offering this Thai class to my girlfriends and tried pulling it together over the past couple of years. This month it's really going to happen thanks to La Crema Wines.
Making Dreams a Reality
As part of their Make Any Moment a Great Moment campaign for their Pinot Gris, I'll be hosting a Girls Night In Thai Cooking Class where we demystify some common Thai dishes so that you can make them yourself and pair them with one of my favorite varietals, Pinot Gris. The posts that are part of this series will be identified as sponsored by La Crema Wines. I'm pretty excited about this event and hope you will be too. I'll go over common ingredients, the recipes we'll be making, and give tips for hosting a cooking class with your girlfriends.

A Series Change: Sunday Sayings to Become Monday Maxims

Now for some sad news. Many of you have said that you read the blog once a week, with a high number preferring Tuesday and Wednesday evening to catch up. Rather than stress about trying to get out a weekend post, this will be my last Sunday Sayings post. I'll be continuing to post at least three days a week but during the week only.
Sunday Sayings features have always been popular on the blog, but have had the greatest readership on Monday and Tuesday, not on Sunday. Going forward, beginning a week from today, Sunday Sayings will be published weekly on Mondays as Monday Maxims.
With these updates, it only made sense for this week's maxim to be:
Be brave. Build it. Turn dreams into reality.

A Typical Week of Editorial Content

Curious what you can expect in a given week with these changes?
  • On Monday, you'll see Monday Maxims as well as other family-themed content and the monthly A Good Life Snapshot feature the third Monday of every month.
  • On Tuesday, you'll see fashion-themed content.
  • On Wednesday, you'll see home-themed content and the monthly Around Our Home feature the last Wednesday of every month.
  • On Thursday, you'll see food-themed content and the monthly Effortless Entertaining feature the third Thursday of every month.
  • On Friday, you'll see blogging or design-themed content and the monthly Font Fun feature the second Friday of every month.
Quality over quantity continues to be important to me which is why I'm reducing the number of days I publish the blog. After the dust settles and we've all had time to get used to the new production cycle, I'll have another reader survey to collect your opinions. I really appreciate all of your feedback and take your suggestions to heart. Thanks again for reading The Road to The Good Life.
Oh, before I forget it's a new month, which means a new theme; the theme for June is:
Making the Every Day Special
Ciao Bella!
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