Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Date Night: Getting Dressed Up to Make a Date Night Special

Being a parent is a full-time job. Maintaining a relationship is a full-time job. Working a full-time job is well a full-time job. See where I'm going with this? There's very little time in one's everyday life to be carefree.
Glamming It Up for Date Night
Recently for date night, we stepped out unexpectedly. The day had begun with cubes and I talking about canceling date night and fretting about the precedent that would set. Not the most fortuitous start. Luckily I had a hair cut scheduled so I knew I'd be able to turn my attitude around.
A Family Portrait
During my pregnancy I hated the way I looked, especially my hair. Everyone talks about this gorgeous, silky, shiny, full, bouncy pregnancy hair. Like many of the supposed benefits of pregnancy this was another I didn't get. The only way I stayed sane was through the efforts of my stylist Louise and colorists John and Dustin at Code Salon. (I avoided the camera even more so than normal during my pregnancy only having a baby bump photo taken after my hair and my makeup had been done for New Year's Eve 2011 (color and blowout were done by John Skinner and makeup was done by Amanda).)
The Outtakes
It wasn't until I was in Louise's chair getting my hair cut and she was talking about exciting changes at the salon that I remembered how great I felt when I had my makeup done for New Year's Eve. Louise gave me the opportunity to be a makeup model and I jumped at it. Because I was a makeup model, my consultation and makeover with Erika was complementary. To show you what an amazing job Erika did I included a "before" photo. Pretty amazing.
How do you keep date night special?
I loved the makeup and decided to go all out for date night, wearing stockings, heels, and my favorite vintage Anne Fogarty dress. cubes loved the overall look. Most of all he was excited that a date night we'd been viewing as a chore had turned into a special occassion.
Ciao Bella!
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