Monday, July 15, 2013

A Good Life Snapshot: Michelle Wear of Table for Five

The middle of the month is becoming my favorite time here on the blog. I'm really enjoying all of the Good Life stories that everyone is sharing. Today Michelle Wear joins us from Denver, CO. Michelle blogs at Table for Five, and is a wife and a mom to three boys, Coda, Holden, and Oliver.

Michelle and I met virtually through The Summer Bucket List Challenge. If you're participating in this summer's Find Your Voice Workshop, a free 8-week storytelling workshop led by Kristin Tweedale of Rukristin Papercrafts, you'll know that we're both contributors there.
I love how down to earth and real Michelle is, and hope to get to meet her in person in real life one day. The story she told for Find Your Voice: Week Two made my heart melt, and I totally get, how she like me has a hard time stepping out in front of the camera (read her story about a surprise love shoot her husband got her!).
Today, Michelle takes time out of her busy life to share a snapshot of her Good Life with us. Please join me in welcoming Michelle! -Eden


1. How do you define The Good Life?

The good life is being present. Not living in the past. Not waiting for the future. But taking advantage of the times we have now with the people we love. Being intentional in the decisions we make today. Loving life and not having regrets.


2. Do you think it's possible to pursue The Good Life? Why or why not?

Absolutely. I think we do it everyday in the decisions we make. Choosing time with our family, choosing adventure, choosing fun.


3. Do you think you have The Good Life? If yes, when did you learn this?

YES! I'm not sure when it happened for me. It's more of an everyday decision. Everyday we choose life, love, family, adventure... that's the moment I know we are living The Good Life.


4. How has blogging helped you recognize The Good Life?

I've only been blogging for about 6 months, but I've noticed a strive to live life more fully. Not to only have goals, but to pursue them. It makes me more aware of the present. I meet people like you and ask myself questions like this, which can only naturally force you back into being intentional about your choices to live The Good Life.

5. Do you have any tips you'd like to share with others?

Be more intentional in the choices that you make. Figure out how it is that you define The Good lIfe and pursue it. For me, I strive to be a better follower of God, parent, and wife. And I notice that when I'm doing those things, my life is happier. So when I am faced with a decision, I ask, "Is it going to help me be a better follower of Christ, better wife, better mom?" If not, then I should choose a different path.
Ciao Bella!
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A Good Life Snapshot is a monthly series featuring a DIY or lifestyle blogger I follow and who I admire.