Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Fourth of July: Packing for Belden

Fourth of July is special for us. Two years ago yesterday over our holiday break Gates was conceived. (Yesterday she celebrated her fifteen month birthday.)
Our Fourth of July Tradition: Priceless
It's our fifth year heading north for the Fourth of July weekend. It's our third year volunteering at the event, working parking ops. Of all the things cubes and I do together Priceless is my favorite. I love the mountains and getting to escape to them with friends and DJs we love is the ultimate getaway. Unlike Burning Man, Priceless is held in a town that exists 365 days of the year. It's a true vacation. There's running water and a full-service restaurant and bar (the Bloody Mary's are to die for!).
Priceless 2011: Greetings from Belden Town
To say Priceless goes smoothly every year would be a stretch. Our first year, we joined a few fellow campers and hopped a bus to Belden. It was a very hot summer that year and the bus overheated. All was forgotten when we arrived at the gates to the town and crew welcomed us.
Priceless 2009: The Bus
Arriving at Belden in the middle of the night was magical. That first year the event opened with fire dancers, a spectacle that we got to catch as we tossed stuff off the top of the bus and set about finding where our friends were camped. So many people -- all volunteers --helped us settle in.
Priceless 2011: The Lodge Reflected
Those volunteers are why I love to volunteer for parking. After being on the road for more than a few hours stuck in traffic, weary travelers need a friendly face. They need someone who believes in magic. Someone who re-energizes by getting others amped up.
Right now it seems like days between now and when we hit Belden. There's still packing to do. (Last year I outfitted for the warm days and forgot clothes for the cool nights. The year before I forgot the rug to go under our air mattress and froze as the moisture from the river seeped into our sheets from the ground.)
How do you pack to go camping?
As I said Monday, I love the month of July. And, this July everything I love about July is going to happen with something else as well! This year, July means Alt Summit, specifically Alt Summit SF, and I can't wait! Don't fear this month won't be all Alt (like January was).
Curious as to what else you'll see on the blog? Here's the theme for the month:
Outdoor Entertaining
With us about to hit the road for our annual Priceless campout, this theme is perfectly timed. Throughout the month I'll be sharing tips for picnicking with a toddler, supplies for last minute picnicking and more!
Have a great Fourth of July weekend!
Ciao Bella!
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