Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recap: The Business Cards of Alt Summit SF

Business cards are a big deal at ALT. People spend weeks designing the perfect representation of them to share with other attendees. So, for this conference I wanted to do something where I could continue to be inspired by the business cards long afterwards. I decided to include them in a scrapbook.
Organizing My ALT SF Business Card Collection
At every ALT, there's a place for attendees to display their business cards. I love these boards because there's no way you can meet everyone. This gives you the opportunity to see everyone's hard work. (I have more photos of the business cards from ALT SF in a Flickr gallery.)
Business Card Display Sponsored by Joss and Main
One of the sponsors of ALT SF, Vivint, gave all the attendees a notebook for jotting down our thoughts. (They also gave us a bag for holding all of our business cards, a journal specifically for collecting cards, and a roll of orange washi tape for securing them.) I used washi tape that another sponsor, MailChimp, had given us to secure the cards as well as flair Vivint provided attendees to describe the topics they wrote about.
The minute I saw the wire bound notebook I knew I was going to scrapbook my experience and include my collection of business cards in it. (Most of the business cards I collected from ALT SLC are in a box on my desk, organized in ziplock bags by color.)
How do you organize your contacts?
Roundup: Business Cards
Roundup: Business Cards
I'm always impressed by everyone's business cards. There's always a few letterpress cards. (Aerialist Press announced last week that they're going to start printing business cards again! I'm already planning a letterpress design for my next set.) A few cards include blogger's head shots or photographs of them with their families (love this for matching names to faces in photographs from the event).

Featured Business Cards

Starting with the first photo of business cards and continuing down through the photos I'm going to identify the bloggers behind the cards beginning with the left page of a layout when there's two pages and moving from the upper left clockwise. Here goes!
First Photo: (left page) Amber & Nick of Wills Casa | Gabriella Orengo | Jody of Wishi Washi Studio | Regan of Regan Baker Design. (right page) Mere of Not Merely Living | Brianne of BB Style | Catherine of Dear Vixen | Kimberly of Tippy Toes and Tantrums.
Second Photo: (top, left page) Tiffany of RueRococo. (top, right page) Julianne Youssef | Courtenay of Love Court XoXo | Moorea Seal | Stacy of Hello Cupcake Public Relations | Marissa of Bourbon & Goose. (bottom, left page) Melissa of Best Friends for Frosting | Vanessa of Wear Flats to Dinner.(bottom, right page) Katy of Daughter Earth.
Third Photo: (left page) Ashley of Alphabet Summer | Lani of Elle Dee Designs | Shannon of Fig and Peach | Jessica of Oh So Antsy | Megan of East to West. (right page) Sabrina of The Eclectic Grab Bag | Chelsey of Paper Mama | Mindy of Creative Juice | Lesley of Poole Party.
Fourth Photo: (left page) Leslie of Sterling and Fish | Annelies of The Food Poet | Kelly of Kelly Westover. (right page) Allison of Engaged & Inspired.
Ciao Bella!
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