Monday, October 07, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Letting Go and Embracing the New "Normal"

It's easy to take the little things for granted. Fresh challah on Fridays for Shabbat. Family time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings before Gates goes to daycare. But, when they're missing you realize how much they filled your life.
Enjoying Fresh Challah Every Friday
Friday August 16th, the path cubes' and my lives were on took an alternate route. What started as a day to ourselves, one begun toasting with Mimosas, ended with a brief trip to the Emergency Room (ER). Fast forward three weeks, after taking cubes to an out-patient procedure intended on preventing him from a return ER visit, we were back in the ER--a different ER, but an ER nonetheless.
Toasting the Good Life

Making Time for the Little Things

In the time between cubes' two ER visits, I took a break from blogging. During that break, when I would normally style photo shoots, I spent time with my family and our friends. I had no idea that we'd be heading back to an ER, nor did I ever dream cubes would be enjoying an extended hospital stay. I made the decision because I thought about why I blog. I don't live just to blog about it. I blog to focus on the good in my life, and when it gets in the way, a break seems obvious.
We often say "I'll be with you in just a little bit. Let me finish this first." But, no one ever wants their epitaph to read: "I wish I spent more time at work." Without meaning to, we postpone little things--little things that when repeated or enjoyed add up to a good life. Seldom do we make time for what's important.
Spending Time with Family

Focusing on What I'm Thankful For

Right now, four weeks after a life-saving surgery that has redefined and continues to reshape normal, the road to the good life doesn't seem so obvious. Posts about what style of chairs I'm thinking of for our dining room table seem inappropriate. In the quiet periods when thoughts swirl around my head I think about those two weeks and how thankful I am that I prioritized time with family and friends.
Why am I sharing this? Because instead of postponing this year's HaveNotWant Challenge, I'm going to change it slightly.

Taking the HaveNotWant Challenge

For this year's HaveNotWant Challenge, I want to focus on the little things, those moments or rituals that are part of our routine and that together make a good life.
So for the month of November, I've put together daily prompts to help us appreciate our every day lives and the people in those lives a little more. You can participate all month long or just when the prompts resonate, simply tag your photos #HaveNotWant and follow #HaveNotWant to see what others are thankful for.
HaveNotWant Challenge Monthly Prompts
I'll share more details about the HaveNotWant Challenge later in the month, along with a challenge badge you can use to highlight your participation and help me get the word out. I hope you'll join me this November.
What are you thankful for?
Ciao Bella!
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