Monday, April 07, 2014

A Good Mail Day: Sending Five People a Surprise in the Mail

Grey stormy days can get the best of us down. Unexpected niceties from strangers or surprises from friends can do a lot to brighten one's spirit. A snailmail package brightened my day and will be brightening the days of five other people in the future.

Passing On A Good Mail Day

Early this week I was struggling with my schedule, focusing only on what I hadn't gotten to instead of on what I'd accomplished. My day hadn't been as productive as I'd have liked it to have been and I was beating myself up. And then, the mail arrived.

In the middle of a rare for Northern California downpour, our mailman delivered a drenched package from Olive Box. (A brief aside, I don't know if Olive Box chose their packaging with weather in mind but it survived without any damage. I absolutely love their font and color selections.)

Minimal Labeling - Branded Wrap Label

Once the box dried out a little, I opened it to a note from Bing:
Thanks for being awesome! xo #thanksBing

A Good Mail Day: Thanks for Being Awesome

And I smiled. Yes. I am awesome.

And, I thought. So are you. You are awesome too.

I immediately decided to share this thought with another five people. Because, let's face it, who doesn't need to be reminded they're awesome?

So, I invited people on Instagram and Facebook to tell me why they needed a pick me up.

  • "I could use a pick me up because my husband just got his first big boy job & I am now a lonely momma. All my friends/family live either out of state or at least 3 hours away. I need human contact! ....I do cherish the time I spend with my daughter though & am so very grateful I get this opportunity."
  • "[B]ecause snail mail is better than dealing with corporate politics."
  • "Because I go 24/7 with no break and do for others before I would ever do for myself."
  • "I could use a pick me up because I work third shift and my time with my family is limited!"
  • "Every single day I strive to make the people around me happy. I am mother to two teenage girls and about to be step mom to another. ...they are the loves of my life for sure. I NEVER ever need a thank you but sometimes it would be fun to get my own treat!!!!"

A Good Mail Day: Who Will You Snail Mail?

The five lucky people who will be receiving snail mail are:

  • Ashleigh of Om Livin, a blog about living a more peaceful lifestyle, whether it be through attachment parenting, plant-based eating, upcycling, or meditation. Follow her on Instagram @OmLivin.
  • Kathleen, owner of Resource 11, a design consultancy specializing in motion graphics, iPhonography, interactive & tablet media, executive-level presentations, trade show graphics, and onsite graphics support for corporate events worldwide. Follow her on Twitter @resource11.
  • Keneshia of Blissful 2 Be Online Wedding Magazine, a wedding magazine for the everyday bride filled with tips and advice on how to plan a fabulous wedding on a modest budget. Follow her on Instagram @Blissful2Be.
  • Melissa of This Brunette Blogs, a blog about being a tell-it-like-it-is Southern girl raising two daughters in Arizona. Follow her on Instagram @ThisBrunetteBlogs.
  • Missy of Making Brissy's Home, a how to, DIY, up-cycle and re-do blog where Brian and Missy (Brissy) share their search for the perfect forever house that they will turn into an amazing home that will bring them years of happiness. Over the course of their search, they share pieces of furniture among other cool finds they find that they re-do and make beautiful! Follow her on Instagram @MissyAEdwards.

My Olive Box: A Curated Selection of Birthday Cards

We all have the ability to make a difference in people's lives. An action doesn't have to be big to make a difference. It can be a unexpected surprise in the mail or a stranger waving to a driver in the rain to let them know he was leaving and she could have his parking space.

What have you done lately to pay it forward?
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Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.

Disclosure: I received my curated birthday card Olive Box as a gift from Bing. I am not being compensated to write about this gift. All opinions presented are my own. Olive Box offers two products: a monthly subscription service delivering paper and lifestyle goods for $25 each month and curated card boxes for $25.