Friday, May 02, 2014

Round Up: Gifts You Can Make for Mom

Struggling with what to get for the mom who has everything? Want to top what you gave her last year but don't have a lot of time? Tell her why you love her with personalized gifts you can make this weekend or one night next week. In about an hour or so, for $30 or less, you can give her a personalized coupon book or gratitude journal that will touch her heart and bring tears of joy to her eyes.

Cut Sheets of Construction Paper in Half, Bind with a Different Color, and Staple for a Custom Book

Growing up I always thought store bought gifts were what my mom wanted. Later after I gave her a book of moments we'd spent together that had positively impacted me, I realized telling and showing your mom why she's special is priceless.

This weekend, Gates and I will be working together to create a coupon book of experiences similar to the one I gave cubes for our one year wedding anniversary (gift for the first anniversary is paper). Gates will pick out the colors of paper that she wants to use. I'll cut them in half and bind them together. Then, Gates and I will go through photos we've taken over the past two years and pick the ones we want to share with Gramma. I'll print out the selected photos and Gates will tape them into the book.

Create Coupons Using Postcards from Places You've Visited or Photos of Past Trips

Five Handmade Mother's Day Project for Under $30 in less than 2 Hours

If you're looking for other ideas for $30 or less that you can complete in about an hour or so, here are five other projects:

The most expensive project in this round up is the shadow box. To reduce the cost but keep the poignancy of the activity, decorate a shoe box or gift box and make it so that you can easily add mementos to the box throughout the year. At the end of the year for Thanksgiving you can pull the items out for reflection on the haves in your life that you're grateful for.

What are you giving your mom?

If you make one of these gifts, I'd love to see it after you give it to your mom. Happy crafting!

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