Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Unlocking a Time Capsule while Remembering A Day Five Years Ago

At my bridal shower, everyone put a memory and a wish into a time capsule for me. Yesterday, I opened it again--the first time since we'd moved into our railroad flat and the first time since Gates was born. It made for a pleasant trip down memory lane and got me thinking of creating a time capsule for our family to share.

A Lasting Impression

Today marks the fifth anniversary of cubes and my first kiss; an anniversary I remembered as I was slippping surprises (some left over papers from wedding DIY projects) into the snail mail packages I was sending out. (I originally shared the story of our first kiss with readers here last year.)

Wedding DIY Leftovers

So that I could share the significance of the papers (and retell the story of our first kiss), I had wanted to re-photograph our programs using my Canon 5D for a richer visual experience than that captured with my Canon G12 last year. In the search for one of our wedding programs, I came across the time capsule from my bridal shower. (I opened it thinking I might have tucked a program inside; I had not.) Guests had been instructed to share a memory and a wish for me.

A Wish for Eden: Do What is Necessary

Instead of continuing my search for a wedding program, I sat down and went through the memories and the wishes shared. One was particularly bittersweet: it was of the last time we'd shared a drink with a friend who's no longer with us. cubes and I were sharing our Fourth of July adventures with them at Forbidden Island, a Tiki Bar. Others made me smile as so far they'd come true.

A Wish for Eden: Never Visit the Med Tent

Another item made me smile (and brought tears to my eyes): a Cinderella snow globe. It was how my dad told me which song he wanted us to dance to for our Father Daughter Dance. I don't know whether I'll dance with my dad again, but our wedding night dancing with him, I'll always remember. "She spins and she sways to whatever song plays without a care in the world. And I'm sitting here wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's been a long day and there's still work to do. She's pulling at me, saying 'Daddy, I need you. There's a ball at the castle and I've been invited. And, I need to practice my dancing. Oh, please Daddy, please.' So I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms. 'Cause I know something the Prince never knew. ... 'Cause all to soon the clock will strike Midnight. And she'll be gone."

Bridal Shower Activity: Time Capsule of Wishes and Memories

Yesterday afternoon's trip down memory lane gave me an idea for an activity for this year's Summer Bucket Challenge: I'm going to have cubes, Gates, and I create a time capsule. I think Gates is old enough that she can share her favorite memories from the summer and choose items that represent those memories. It will be interesting to open the box or album (unsure the format I'm going to choose) in the future and see how we've changed as a family.

Have you created a time capsule before?
How long did you wait before you opened it?
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