Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Mixing Modern and Retro-Inspired Pieces from Le Tote for Alt Summit

As an entrepreneur and a mother of a toddler, I'm frequently running out of clean clothes. Two weeks ago as I was heading out to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit (the premier business conference for pioneering bloggers and creatives) and rethinking my attire based on weather reports, Le Tote came to my rescue.

Le Tote at Alt Summit: for Travel to SLC in Style and Comfort


Le Tote (*referral link) is a monthly subscription service where for either $19 a month you get unlimited pieces of jewelry (3 at a time) or $49 a month you get unlimited separates, dresses, and accessories (5 at a time) to wear. (Earlier this year, I wrote about why I first subscribed and who I thought Le Tote might be a good fit for.) After Alt Summit, I have a new reason to love Le Tote and to recommend it: clean clothes that easily fit into your existing style.

Got any dirty secrets?
What I Wore to Alt Summit Summer: Day One


For about a year now, I've been subscribing to The Boutique Box (when I first signed up there was only one type of subscription). If you follow me on Instagram, you'll often see Le Tote tagged in my Outfit of the Day posts and more recently I've started sharing my entire tote from Le Tote as a teaser of what I'll be wearing over the next week. After each tote, I've been consistently identifying which pieces were my style and those that fit, and how items that didn't fit were wrong.

What I Wore to Alt Summit Summer: Day Two What I Wore to Alt Summit Summer


Starting about three totes ago (when I let my Le Tote (*referral link) closet run out of items I wanted to see in my real-life closet), I discovered amazing pops of color and statement pieces that work seamlessly with my real-life closet. A quick aside... I wish there was an option where you could just let them style you--they did a better job than I did and I've actually kept (purchased) a lot of items they picked.



At Alt Summit, I had the good fortune to have my colors done by Reachel of Cardigan Empire. And all became totally clear why I loved the pops of color Le Tote sent me -- they were MY colors. Now I'm not sure whether this was by luck or by the fact that I've rated a years worth of clothes, but I love the convenience of clean clothes that I can almost guarantee will fit me as well as my style when they arrive and that I can quickly toss into my Alt Summit attire and have it just work.

Le Tote at Alt Summit: fashionable travel attire


Unintentionally, at least one planned outfit a day for Alt Summit included a piece from Le Tote: jewelry, a separate, or a dress. The black Daniel Rainn top I wore traveling to Alt Summit and to early bird sessions. The red dress I had planned to wear to the Food Truck Gathering in the Park. The necklace I wore when I asked Martha Stewart a question. The tangerine BCBG Generation top and necklace I wore to breakfast at Eggs in The City and traveling home from Alt Summit. (If you want to know more about the items, I was wearing, including where I discovered the vintage pieces, let me know in the comments below and I'll do a follow up post.)

Unlike the past two Alt Summits I attended in Salt Lake City, I managed to travel with just one bag--a carry on that I checked for convenience. With the exception of the red dress that I couldn't wear due to the unseasonably cold evening temperatures and possibility of rain I wore almost everything I brought. I also reduced the extra pairs of shoes I brought BEFORE I left--skipping the brown Mary Janes. I ended up not wearing the purple double-buckle Mary Janes, opting instead to wear my bright pink flats. I reduced the amount of jewelry I brought and the amount I didn't wear (only one necklace and a pair of earrings). Also, I only had one accessory that I didn't wear, my silk scarf from Thailand.

My Wardrobe Choices for Previous Alt Summits

If you're curious what I wore to previous Alt Summit conferences (as well as where I thrifted and shopped), here are the past What I Wore to Alt Summit recaps:


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