Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Fig and Honey Natural Body Goods and Products

Wherever possible I try to use products that haven't been tested on animals, are good for the earth, and are non-toxic. So, I was especially excited to discover Fig and Honey this past June. Fig and Honey makes apothecary-style products using nutrient dense by-products from the beer and winemaking process, and the founder Courtney Robinson Feider uses her own products on her sensitive combination skin.


How do you choose the products you use on your skin and in your home?

My Skincare Regime

I've suffered from dry skin pretty much all of my life (the one exception being when I lived in Austin, TX) so I'm always moisturizing. Air conditioning in airplanes and hotels can really do a number on my skin, which is how I discovered Fig and Honey. Courtney, the founder of Fig and Honey, and I sat next to each during opening lunch at Alt Summit Summer, a three day conference for creative entrepreneurs in Salt Lake Lake City, this past June. I was scratching a patch of irritated skin and Courtney gave me some of The One to soothe it. I typically apply The One to my hands and feet every morning after I get out of the shower to seal in the moisture and every night before I go to bed.


As a mom of an active toddler and as a chef, I'm constantly washing my hands. This constant washing can leave my skin dry and irritated. Because I'm cooking, I have to be careful with what products I use on my hands. A product that I just discovered, that Courtney sent me to try, is her Bambino Calming Lotion.

While formulated for relaxation and deep sleep, I love that it's gentle scent mirrors what I'm using in my kitchen: olive oil, chamomile, and vanilla. I also love that Fig and Honey uses food grade ingredients. Now, after I wash my hands thoroughly (singing Happy Birthday twice), I rub a little of Fig and Honey's Bambino Calming Lotion on them. The lotion isn't greasy, so I'm able to continue playing with Gates or working without fear of dropping toys or kitchen implements.

Facial Care

I'm constantly experimenting with the products I use to cleanse, tone, and moisture my face--that is until Courtney sent me a toner and a moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin: Grapefruit and Kombucha Toner (replaced with her Apple Cider and Kombucha Tonic for Fall) and Signature Facial Serum. I suffer from mild rosacea on my cheeks so I love how neither of these products aggravates it and leaves my skin ever so soft. I'd like to say I'm regimented in my facial care applying toner and serum in the morning and at night, but with a toddler that's not always possible. (If you're unsure about the benefits of using a toner, here's a great article on how to use a face toner and why you should be applying one that's right for your skin twice a day). Right now, I'm using the toner and serum about once every other day.

The Products Behind My "No Makeup" Look

Two other products I sampled back in June and fell in love with were "Fancy" Lip Shimmer and Healing Mineral Makeup (solid foundation). These have become my go to products for my "no makeup" look and are always tucked into my bag when I need to a little touch up or have realized after running out of the house that I have no sunscreen or makeup on.

Freshening Up the Air

I'm not a big fan of air freshener, it's usually too heavy and cloying for me. Right now I'm enjoying a summer scent Courtney sent me to try out, Lavender and Lemonade Room Spray only made through September 1st and available until supplies run out (boo!). I spritz a little on the sheets as I make our bed and Gates' bed.



Another product Courtney sent me for testing was the Lemon and Radish Surf Spray. While it's meant to be used on one's hair, I've been spritzing our fresh towels with it. (I get my hair treated with Keratin so am cautious about putting anything in it that my stylist hasn't green lighted.)

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Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary products from the Fall Fig & Honey line for testing and for purposes of this review. All opinions presented are my own. I am not a Fig & Honey affiliate; I do not receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products mentioned. I feature products that I own or that I am considering purchasing. I received samples of Healing Mineral Makeup, "Fancy" Lip Shimmer, and The One at Alt Summit Summer from Courtney, and subsequently purchased The One and Healing Mineral Makeup (the two round tins shown in the photos above).