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DIY: Nine Step Fleece Bolster Pillowcases

One item parents receive more than a few of are baby blankets. And, those baby blankets are often the most difficult item for kids to part with. So I decided it was about time to upcycle the cuddly soft blankets into something everyone in the family could enjoy: fleece pillowcases.

Burr the Polar Bear with Pillowcases made from Baby Blankets and Silk Flower Garland


What do you do with your old baby blankets?
Burr the polar bear with pillowcases made from baby blankets for bolsters and camp pillows with coordinating duvet Three step fleece bolster pillowcases from your child's outgrown baby blankets


I also had another motive as well in repurposing our baby blankets: coordinating our bedding for car camping (or glamping). For our RV road trip, I didn't want the space filled with discordant colors or textures. These materials purchased over the course of a decade offered a budget friendly decorating option that didn't involve a trip to the fabric store.

Pillowcases made from baby blankets with coordinating cover for sleeping bag


Materials (approximately $35 for two pillow inserts with fabric)

To complete this project, you'll need:


Nine Step Baby Blanket Pillowcase - Fold, Cut, Sew, and Fill with a Pillow



This sewing DIY is pretty straightforward.

  1. Prewash all of your fabric.
  2. Fold the fabric in half and cut.
  3. Fold the cut fabric into thirds--this leaves the bound edge at the bottom of your pillow case.
  4. With your fabric folded, sew up the left side of the pocket you've just created (I used the guide on my machine for an inch allowance).
    NOTE: If your thread is shredding as you work, increase the size of your needle--it's too small. (Despite sewing for almost 30 years I didn't know this!)
  5. Flip over your fabric and then sew up the right side (I again used the guide on my machine for an inch allowance).
  6. Optionally trim each of your sewn corners diagonally leaving about a quarter of an inch. This will give you less of a rounded corner; the thicker your fabric, the more likely your corner will be rounded and not crisp.
  7. Press open your seams. Be sure to use a pressing cloth to avoid accidentally scorching or burning the fleece.
  8. Reverse your fabric so that the seams are now inside.
  9. Insert your pillow, and adjust the fabric until your pillow is fully covered.

Detail of Pillowcases made from Baby Blankets Detail of Pillowcases made from Baby Blankets


If your baby blanket has an appliqué that you want to cover up, after you cut your fabric (step 2), cut a piece of fabric as wide as the cut baby blanket and at least half an inch taller than your appliqué. Place it front side down so that it's a quarter inch past the blanket hem. Pin. Sew a hem with a quarter inch allowance along the edge of the blanket hem. Optionally insert the raw fabric edge into blanket hem tape or pin half an inch of the raw edge under. Sew a quarter inch seam. Because you'll be sewing this fabric when you sew the rest of your pillowcase you don't need to sew the outside edges.

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