Saturday, December 31, 2016

Choosing a Word for 2017

It's natural to want to see results for one's efforts. That's why many set goals with the start of each new year.

For me, I have a five year plan for my business and chose yearly phrases for motivation. To keep things simple, I choose one word or phrase that I apply to family, personal growth, and business growth.

Choosing a Focus Phrase for 2017


How do you start a new year?

Since 2015, I have eschewed resolutions and goals for words. The words or phrases I select are meant to focus my actions.

Focus Phrase for 2017 - Dare to be Remarkable


For 2015, I chose Bold for my word. Bold because I needed to take risks. To leap when I didn't have all the information.

For 2016, I chose Courage for my word. Courage because I needed to build on what I started in 2015. A reminder. When work got hard. When I wasn't sure which decision to make.

As 2016 closes, Courage was a word I came back to a lot.

When you're starting a business or making a career change, words that empower you are helpful. Words can serve as a reminder that whatever is going on, whatever doubt has crept in, you've got this if you believe in yourself.

Dare to be Remarkable


For 2017, I wanted a word that was aspirational versus empowering. I felt I was over the hump--the hump of doubting I could, to knowing I could--and needed to clarify exactly what I wanted to do. So, I choose Remarkable.

According to The Free Dictionary, Remarkable means:

  • Worthy of notice or attention, noteworthy
  • Likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon
  • Extraordinary
  • Striking

And with Remarkable in mind is how I will be selecting projects and collaborations for the year.

With choosing a different type of word, I'm also doing something else that's different. I'm committing to creating a collage a week diving into my word, 52 Weeks of Remarkable, #52WeeksOfRemarkable.

Curious how I'm going to find time to create a collage a week? Me too! I'm starting by time blocking 20 minutes a day, seven days a week for 52 weeks. As my project unfolds, I'll share how dedicating 20 minutes a day is working.

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