Hi! I'm Eden and I'm on a mission to define The Good Life with haves and not wants. I live in San Francisco, renting a railroad flat in The Mission that I share with my husband cubes, my daughter Gates, and a Maine Coon cat named Sprite. If you'd like to know more about me, please check out my bio.
A Family Portrait
The Road to The Good Life is about elevating the ordinary, about capturing your moments, and about taking a second look--a deeper look into your life--and finding what makes you unique. The Road to The Good Life is about living the life you have to the fullest and exploring the beauty of the seemingly ordinary to reveal the extraordinary in your life.
Here on The Road To The Good Life, I share my thoughts on Food, Family, Home, Fashion, and Making, one to three times a week. You’ll find personal stories about my life and family weaved in with real-life, achievable entertaining tips, recipes, and fashion inspiration. I also feature stories from other DIY/lifestyle bloggers and readers who share their versions of what The Good Life means to them.
I hope you'll join me as I open the doors of our home, affectionately called The Station.

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